A life of Service

"My life has been a life of service to my country and my community."

The son of immigrants, John Guevara is proof that the American Dream still exists. From an early age his father taught him that “education, hard work, and faith,” were the keys to success.  John is dedicated to making sure that dream continues to be possible for his children and future generations.

After growing up in poverty, John joined the Army Reserves at 17, eventually becoming a commissioned officer.  It was there he learned that service to others and service to your community is the highest calling – a belief that still drives him today. As a Sunday school teacher, youth sports coach, PTO board member and homeowners association President, John strives to improve our community every day.

As a businessman, John oversees budgets in excess of $120 million to ensure they come in on time and under budget. John wants to use his life experience and dedication to further our Republican Values across the Commonwealth and to elect Republicans who have a passion for individual liberty, smaller government, and personal responsibility.

John and his wife Marilyn live in Fairfax County where they raise two sons, Peter and Nathan.